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Have you ever decided that you wanted to develop a great, big project that was to be a great accomplishment, and then decided to pull out the rug half a year into it because you didn't put too much thought or work into it? I have. This is my unfinished, cancelled game.

Royal Route (my 4th or so project involving game development) is a shoot-em-up platformer roguelite. However, I totally gave up on it. Here are the features I managed to implement before it all flat-lined.

  • One world (supposed to have 5 or 6).
  • Infinite levels (Too bad they lack much variety).
  • Multiple weapons (only 4; I meant to have 32 or so).
  • 4 enemies (hoped to included a lot more).
  • Main "menu" sort of like Spelunky (only the right most door works). Oops, that was in a newer version that I kinda lost.
  • Weapon swapping and chests (Actually, this works pretty well. No issues here... other than the machete-ammo glitch).

The game was meant to be much better, but I decided to move on because as development went on, I had a growing feeling that the idea was getting more and more ridiculous. Also, there were other things I wanted to work on.

Regardless, I uploaded it so people can see a little bit of what I'm capable of. Enjoy.

Oh, also, there's a readme file with the game. Real helpful. Forgive some of the inaccurate information in it - I wrote it when I had higher ambitions for the project. Well, near the bottom is an edit from around the time I wrote this, so it that should at least be true.


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